The topic of injury is extremely important when it comes to strengthening your body. Many people get the idea that if your body is hurting then your body is strengthening itself. I am sorry to break it to you, but that is completely wrong.

When it comes to your body hurting, there is a certain kind of pain you have to distinguish. The “burning” sensation vs. the “stinging” sensation. You want the “burning” sensation. That is the feeling of your muscles tearing microscopically. You might be thinking, “How is tearing your muscles a good thing?” Well those muscles tearing actually stimulates muscle healing and replicates those muscle fibers and ultimately strengthens it.

ABC Health & Wellbeing writers, Cassie White and Olivia Willis describe this pain or discomfort as a burning sensation that is caused by a build-up of lactic acid.

“Lactic acid is a by-product of the process your body goes through when it needs to create energy more quickly than it normally does, such as when you exercise.

Your working muscles usually generate energy aerobically (i.e. using oxygen), but when you push yourself during a workout and sufficient oxygen isn’t available, these muscles start generating energy anaerobically, and lactic acid is a by-product of this process.

The harder you work, the bigger the build-up of lactic acid. The fitter you are, however, the better your body will be at clearing the lactic acid, so eventually you’ll be able to train harder for longer.”

On the other hand, that “sharp” pain is associated with injuries to your joints or bones that are not repairing the same way as the burning pain. This kind of pain is typically felt when doing a workout incorrectly or when a workout is overdone. Essentially, if you feel a pain that hurts your bones or muscles in a way that affects your ability to move properly, you should probably stop what you’re doing and try something new.

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